They work with us

Cohorts operated with SKEZI

AP-HP and Paris University chose SKEZI® to operate the e-cohort ComPaRe

ComPaRe, the Community of Patients for Research, brings together patients who have chosen to advance research on chronic diseases. By responding via SKEZI® to questionnaires from researchers, by contributing with their experience and their testimonies, patients become fully involved in medical research. The aim is to improve the quality of life and the care provided to patients.

L'AP-HP travaille avec SKEZI® pour la cohorte ESPERES

ESPERES is a cohort that offers healthcare professionals the opportunity to share experience in order to help improve prevention strategies. This collaborative project was initiated fromAP-HP. By answering via SKEZI® regular questionnaires, the members of the cohort help advance research.

Networking is a working solution, developed by hospitals who wish to benefit from more effective means of communication to connect with their colleagues and experts. The ambition is to advance research, transform the healthcare offer and develop innovation for the benefit of patients.

Hack Your Care

Hack Your Care is a startup developed by doctors for doctors. The ambition is to train caregivers in the new tools of e-health. SKEZI and Hack Your Care are partners so that SKEZI is a training ground. Don't hesitate to apply!


Solusanté is a junior company created and managed by students from the faculty of Grenoble Pharmacy and Biotechnologies, it allows students to put into practice the skills acquired during their university studies in the service of companies. SKEZI® is now an internship site to allow them to develop new skills in clinical research and HealthTech!

France Biotech

SKEZI join the network France Biotech, which brings together innovative healthcare companies and their expert partners. This network contributes to meeting the challenges of the HealthTech sector and to proposing concrete solutions.