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The cohorts operated with
the SKEZI solution

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AP-HP and, Paris-City University: the ComPaRe cohort

ComPaRe, the Community of Patients for Research, brings together patients who have chosen to advance research on chronic diseases. By responding via SKEZI to the researchers' questionnaires, by contributing their experience and their testimonies, patients become fully involved in medical research. The objective is to improve the quality of life and the care provided to patients.

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AP-HP: the ESPERES cohort

ESPERES is a cohort that offers professionals from healthcare institutions the opportunity to share their experience in order to contribute to the improvement of prevention strategies. This collaborative project was initiated by AP-HP. By answering regular questionnaires via SKEZI, the members of the cohort contribute to the progress of research.


logo partner Université Paris cité

Paris-City University

Paris-City University is a French university resulting from the merger of the universities Paris-Descartes and Paris-Diderot and the integration of the Institute of Earth Physics of Paris as a component institution.

Logo partner Assistance Publique hopitaux de paris

Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris

L'Assistance Publique - Hôpitaux de Paris is the French public health establishment that acts as a university hospital center for the Île-de-France region. It is also the largest hospital in Europe and accounts for almost half of all clinical research in France.

logo partner is a working solution, developed by hospital professionals who want to benefit from more efficient means of communication to connect with their colleagues and experts. The ambition is to advance research, transform the healthcare offer and develop innovation for the benefit of patients.

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Hack Your Care

Hack Your Care is a startup developed by doctors for doctors. It ambition is to train caregivers to the new e-health tools. SKEZI and Hack Your Care are partners to make SKEZI a training ground. Do not hesitate to apply!

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Welcome To The Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle is the guide that helps us to find the best profile in our recruitment.  

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France Biotech

The France Biotech network federates innovative health companies and their expert partners. This network contributes to take up the challenges of the HealthTech sector and to propose concrete solutions.

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Codoc is a spin-off of the famous genetic disease research institute Imagine dedicated to the valorisation of health data.

logo partner La dynamique d'Orion

La dynamique d’Orion

The Orion dynamic is the natural evolution of the scientific project of the Biobank of the Lariboisière Hospital. SKEZI is part of La dynamique d'Orion, a unique vector to innovate in the health field.

logo partner PariSanté Campus

PariSanté Campus

SKEZI is the first among 60 start-ups selected to be part of the huge PariSanté Campus project wanted by the President Emmanuel Macron.

logo partner CRIP Pharma

CRIP Pharma

The Cercle de Réflexion de l'Industrie Pharmaceutique is a think-tank that generates ideas to contribute to the evolution of the healthcare environment.

Logo partner La french tech in the alps

French Tech In The Alps

Collective movement, committed to the development of digital technology and innovation in the Alps. SKEZI wishes to highlight its alpine origins and its decentralized character by joining this movement.

logo partner Medicen


SKEZI integrates Medicen Paris Region, a worldwide competitiveness cluster for innovative technologies for health and new therapies.

logo partner La french care

La French Care

The French Care is the movement of actors of Health, it is carried out by Bpifrance and the Movement of support to the French Care, which gathers private and public actors of the sector of Health in France.

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The Crédit Agricole Group has nearly 6,000 branches and more than 50 million customers worldwide. Crédit Agricole Loire-Haute Loire supports SKEZI in its development and rounding.

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BPI France is the public investment bank whose main objective is to found and help the development of French companies. SKEZI is supported by the Annecy desk in its development and rounding.

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Mapi Research Trust

SKEZI and Mapi Research Trust are partnering to facilitate data collection directly from patients.